Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is in the comes 2010

Soccer balls are flying in AYSO, footballs are in the air everywhere (to be nostalgic for my NU friends I quote " you think the 'cats are gonna win this year or will it be just the same..."), the temperatures are beginning to drop, and the leaves are dropping. At the same time, Q3 is coming to a close, and Q4 is getting ready to roll.

I always think this is a good time to reflect and begin to set next year's business here are mine:

1) To complete all of the back-office "work" I need to do for KJR Associates, especially electronic presence and basic accounting before the year starts!

2) To refine and execute my personal marketing plan including blogging more, networking with more gusto, and actually building and managing a pipeline.

3) To further develop and refine my Product Differentiation Pressure concept and turn it into a useful tool and valuable IP for clients.

4) To launch at least one other conceptual framework that for my business

5) To be engaged in projects that are challenging and meaningful for ethical and aggressive clients

6) To keep learning and challenging myself, from both successes and failures

7) To keep my eyes on the prize: Balance, growth and excitement, not $$s and ccs.

8) To assemble my personal BOD for guidance and counsel

What are your personal business goals for 2010??

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