Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HUGE TSA leak, flawed technology, flawed management, all of the above

I spent 2+ years as CMO of http://www.workshare.com One of our product, Protect, automates and discovers the presence of metadata in documents, including poorly redacted content, ie when the content is hidden but can be easily recovered.

Frankly, both Microsoft and Adobe, the 2 vendors who dominate the creation and publishing of business and goverment documents simply haven't closed the loop holes that let uneducated users create poor documents like happened to the TSA today!


This is TRAGIC for 3 reasons:
1) It could lead to tragic loss of life
2) It will cost taxpayers billions in damage control and changed processes
3) It's been happening for years and could be avoided with a simple $30 product , Workshare Protect

So I hope someone in the goverment calls Workshare tomorrow and buys this product for EVERY desktop in the entire goverment employ. I am sure this will be a lot cheaper than $30 at that volume...

I am outraged and amazed that this could happen...

Note: Yes I am a shareholder, but I'd gladly not see a penny from this...


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