Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ten Blogs I hope to Write in '10

10) Customer references - Why they are so dang hard and what to do about it

9) Why are imaginations are never as good as the bad guys, and what to do about that!

8) Starting a consulting business, 10 mistakes I never thought I'd make, ..

7) Completing my fist century ride since 1990 at the age of 48...

6 and 5) Product Differentiation Pressure (TM) con'td

4) Cavs win the NBA title, ending a 47 yr drought without a major championship in Cleveland (OK, I can dream can't I...)

3) How I made it through the first year of my business

2) KJR Associates launches first SaaS providing Product Marketing with tools for success

1) Another healthy and happy year for my family and friends (God willing...)

Over and out

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