Friday, November 5, 2010

Uverse cares? NOT!

My chat with Uverse tech support, guess I was kinda pissed...priceless

Mr. Rutsky, thank you for contacting AT&T U-verse Member Support. My name is REP
How may I assist you with U-verse service today?

I am really pissed off about the loss of Food Network, HGTV and other channels
You need to tell SENIOR MANAGEMENT that they are ffing up big time
I want to make sure this message gets through. We give you 30 days to fix this then we are OUTOF THIS SERVICE!!!
I know this is not a technical issue, but this is the ONLY WAY TO GET ANYONE FROM UVERSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOU
PLS confirm that you will pass this up the foodchain...

Sorry, Mr. Rutsky. As the agreements with the Scripps channel has expired. That is the reason the channels are off air.
I will certainly pass this information, Mr. Rutsky.

The reason is that ATT management doesnt give a rats ass about what it's customers want. They think it is too hard to switch. This is REALLY NOT Acceptable
and a crappy way to run a business.
pass that on. doesn't ATT have a VP of Cust sat. How can that exec let this happen?
esp when negotiations were ongoing STUPID STUPID STUPID
tell them also to watch twitter, there is NO sympathy for them, just more anger...

We have not expected that this would reach to this situation, we hope that this would be fixed soon.

OK, sorry to yell at someone 3K miles away and 20 steps below the decision maker, but

Every member has raised the same question, how can this be off air when negotiations are going on.

also, according to Food Network, ATT CHOSE to turn this off while neg were going, again total disregard for customers
totally sucks
and they ATT execs will wonder when Google TV rules all
OK, I am done, I am just getting more angry. Like I said, someone at the sr level should understand how much customer anger this generates.

Yes, certainly I agree with you.
I'll escalate this to my supervisor.

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