Friday, December 24, 2010

RATING MY 2010 PREDICTIONS! - Stuxnet, Wildcats and random thoughts

My top ten predictions for 2010 GRADED

Looking through my 2010 predictions, it's clear I am better with technology than sports!
I'd say the Stuxnet prediction took me from mediocre to pretty good, if you grade impact and probability. Working on 2011...

10) There is a major malware incident that results in a compromise which is big enough to make the headlines. This will raise the visibility of cybercrime to new levels -
GRADE - A+ STUXNET rocks the IT Sec space, making NYTime, WSJ and changing the international landscape

9) The IPO market for tech warms up considerably and we see at least 15 filings and 6-7 IPOs out of the valley. I expect these to be about 50-50 enterprise and consumer/web2.0 -
GRADE - WRONG - However, high value M and A and private valuations make up for it and tech prospects are good.

8) The "cloud" suffers a major outage (unrelated to #10) and this slows but does not halt the drive to cloud-computing
GRADE - EHHH, NO huge outage, but lotsa little one, cloud continues to role.

7) Unemployment is the valley continues to hover around 11-12% until after the summer when we finally see real signs of recovery in employment
GRADE - Pretty spot on!!!, though the recovery is slower and later than we'd like

6) Oracle FINALLY owns Sun (does anyone really care anymore?)
GRADE - Yeah, so who cares...

5) The housing market finally stabilizes and we actually see BOTH price and volumes pick up in 2010.
GRADE - Yes on stabilizing, we are halfway there...

4) The Republicans have a decent 2010 election, but don't fundamentally gain much, though they do slow the Dems down in the Senate
GRADE - C here, Republicans did even better in house, so we will see how 2011 goes in Washington

3) The Browns and Indians suck again and the Cavs disappoint in the playoffs (You can take the boy out of Cleveland, but you can't take the sports outta the boy...)
GRADE - Yeah, so who cares...

2) The Wildcats (Northwestern) snap their 61 year streak without a bowl game win by upsetting the Auburn Tigers in the Outback Bowl on Jan 1
GRADE - 62 years and counting, with Persa out for the Ticket City bowl, I'm not counting on a win this Jan 1

1) The Wildcats snap their 0 for forever streak and make the Men's BBALL tourney...
GRADE - WRONG, I clearly have purple glasses on, maybe this year?????
Go Cats, and here's to a great 2011...

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