Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guest Blogger, Owen R! : The future of California?

(Owen Rutsky is 2 in September, though he doesn't say much (Baba, Bebe, sPonge Bob,toes, head, hello, bye bye among them) he sure seems to have a lot on his mind. His Dad let him share the blog space today....)

Hey Dad, thanks for letting me's tough to get many words in with 3 older sisters ya know. Anyways, I love it here in California, the sunshine, the attitude, the opportunity....oh, wait, Dad was just saying it just aint what it used to be. I wonder what it will be like when I grow up. Dad says, hmmmm, for the first time since he moved here almost 20 yrs ago, he wonders if it's such a great place.

Work, work, work he says, and you never get ahead. Then you pay and pay taxes, but my sister's class size is up to 26 people in the 4th grade next year, whatever that means, I don't think it's good like 26 new hotwheels cars would be. When does it get better? I don't know, the houses arent worth near as much, Obama and Arnold (who are those guys) both seem to want to raise taxes, (I dont think Dad likes that, but he also says that bush was a bumblehead too...)

Oh well, I gotta go and play

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  1. Nice blog Owie, you caught me on a bad day. Life is good, even if California is going downhill, now get back to your play time and go harass your sisters!


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